First listen to the OST


I thought I should post this here as well ^^

They are going to (FINALLY. I thought they never will.) release the soundtrack, for Uta no Oniisan (22 July 2009).

And on this website, you can hear about 44-45 secs of each track (19 altogether). And I'm happy to see one of, if not...probably my favourite piece of music from the drama is included (track 6).

Usually, the covers of soundtracks are alright to me.

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[request] HQ pic...?

Hello~  I'm new to this community and I have a little request.  :x

I absolutely love "Uta no Onii-san" and I'm planning on cosplaying as Urara~

However...  I have a little problem with the pattern on her clothes.  Does anybody have a biggish high quality picture of the design on the front pocket of her outfit (along with Kenta and Mamoru's)?  My computer is far too slow to download any videos and...  I can't seem to find many good HQ screencaps of the drama.  D:  If possible, it'd be great if the picture was not cut off, etc.

To clarify, it's the one with the different color apples and a red background.

Thank you so much! ^^
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A fanart

Hello, this is my first post here (very laaaaate yes? ;_;). I love the drama so much (it's funny and the last episode's just touching, also it's a worth to rewatch it several times too) and I want to share a fanart I did, dedicated to the drama. :]

The fanart sketch was originally done about 2 months ago (March) after watch the drama. For some reasons, I couldn't color it before because I had my final school exams one month ago and had prepared for that since the end of March. So, I just finished this piece yesterday ^^

Even though it's late, I hope you could still enjoy it :D


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And the winners are.....(drumroll)

I'm actually surprised that no one posted this yet.........

For the 60th Drama Awards

Best actor: 1. Matsuyama Kenichi  (you know L in Death Note)
Ohno Satoshi for UnO (Yano Kenta must be jumping with joy right now.... does this mean a full length movie for him sometime soon as a lead and not one of those neglible characters. HEAR US JOHNNIES!!!!!!!)

Best Actress: You got it! Katase Nana aka Urara (she really did a good job there....last I checked she's in Ghost friends)

Of course 
 Kumori nochi kaisei bagged the Drama Song Award as well.....

I do have a question.......wasn't Nino's Drama included? Anyone care to clarify this?
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Utaoni fanlisting

Hello everyone! This is my first post here~ (v_v though I'm of the stalking kind...coff coff...)
X3 anyway I wanted to share with all of you what I finished to do the other day!
So here it's Uta no Onii-san fanlisting!!! X3 everyone is welcome to join~

PS: o.O I'm not quite sure about which tag I should use for this post...

St. Shosus


again thanks for your kind comments!!! I'm sorry this one take soo long m(_ _)m


btw I'll link it to my vox because this one will be locked in 2 days due to some art theft problems, I hope you understand
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